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Welcome to the 21st Century – the century of Paradoxes and Oxymorons.  The only certain thing is the increasing velocity of uncertainty and change.  Whether that is good or bad is up to us.  I help companies discover how to leverage the new world of constant change and uncertainty to increase customer, employee and stakeholder value. 

If you're struggling to create a path for growth, even outside your traditional areas, if your strategic planning process is static, if innovation is a program instead of a mindset, if the best talent isn't interested in joining your organization (or your top talent is leaving), if you're having issues with accountability and execution, then I can help.  Together, we will explore, discover and prioritize growth opportunities around the core and edges of your business. We take those and create an actionable, adaptable, measurable and living strategic plan based on innovation, talent and execution.

Deb provided much needed focus...she challenged preconceived notions about our business. Deb is great at sifting through the myriads of information to help come up with tangible plans that are executable and easily communicated. Mike Waite, President, Menasha Packaging Corp.

Starting with your company’s purpose and values, we discover ways for you to create and protect tangible and intangible wealth: the outputs.  More importantly are the outcomes – a culture that thrives on change, innovation and growth without compromising your purpose and core values.  By doing this, you provide your customers with efficacious solutions to help them grow their business and provide your people with challenging and rewarding opportunities.   

Deb is extremely gifted in taking complex ideas/challenges down into actionable initiatives or product concepts understood by all.  She is great with risk-averse and skeptical cultures that struggle outside their comfort zone.  Deb's knowledge and passion for innovation will motivate you beyond your own imaginations!  Paul Pirozzola, VP Marketing, Bettcher Industries (formerly Global Markets, Lubrizol)

So, if you’re ready to give it a try, to challenge the status quo, to think paradoxically so you can align profit with purpose, give me a ring or drop me an email.  It can be quite formidable, but the rewards are many, and profound.

All the best!