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Deb Mills-Scofield helps companies discover how to leverage the our world of constant change and uncertainty to increase customer, employee and stakeholder value. She helps them make "strategic planning" a verb based on a foundation of innovation... in all things.

Deb is great at sifting through the myriads of information to help come up with tangible plans that are executable and easily communicated.
— Mike Waite, President, Menasha Packaging Corp.

If you're struggling to create a path for growth, if innovation is a program not a mindset, if top talent doesn't want to join your company or they are leaving, if you have issues with accountability and execution, talk to Deb.  She will help you explore, discover and prioritize opportunities at the core and edges of your business resulting in an actionable, adaptable, measurable and living strategic plan.

Deb helps you to discover how to create and protect wealth while creating a culture that thrives on change, innovation and growth without compromising your core values.  You will provide your customers with solutions that help them grow their business and give your employees challenging and rewarding opportunities.   

So, if you’re ready to give it a try, to challenge the status quo, give Deb a ring or drop her an email.  


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