I’m Deb Mills-Scofield. I’m in the business of getting companies to where they want to be.

Deb is great at sifting through the myriads of information to help come up with tangible plans that are executable and easily communicated.
— Mike Waite, President, Menasha Packaging Corp.

Our world is constantly changing. To succeed, our companies must, too. That can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

My passion is working with companies to create a dynamic strategic plan that:

Risk-averse cultures struggling beyond their core need Deb. Her experience brings instant credibility to highly skeptical audiences.
— Paul Pirozzola, VP Marketing Bettcher Industries
  • Promotes a business-wide innovation mindset;
  • Discovers and prioritizes opportunities at the core and edges of your business;
  • Designs real solutions to real customer problems;
  • Increases customer, employee, and stakeholder value; and
  • Gives employees challenging, rewarding opportunities.

Ready to challenge the status quo?

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