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Hi! I'm Deb. This is what I look like (yup, you'll see that smile a lot).  This is what I think like - or at least some highlights.  I believe in:

  • Challenging the status quo;
  • Getting to innovation by asking Why?, Why not? and looking at And/Both, not Either/Or;
  • Making a difference;
  • Having fun.

For a 25+ years, I've helped companies create and implement innovation-based strategies.  I work with start-ups and upstarts ~ small, medium and big global companies in service, manufacturing and high-tech sectors.

Here are a few things I've been privileged to work on (besides my great clients!)

Business & Boards

Publications & Writings

Mentoring & Teaching

What Did I Do Before All This?

Well, I went to Brown University, graduated in three years and while there, helped create the Cognitive Science concentration.  

Then I trotted off to AT&T Bell Labs, where I designed and patented an integrated multimedia-messaging platform recognized as one of AT&T/Lucent’s top revenue generating patents. I also was instrumental in spearheading AT&T WorldNet® Services, AT&T's entry into the internet and e-commerce markets.

Nowadays, I live in Oberlin, Ohio with my husband, John, a Physics professor at Oberlin College and our youngest kid. Our oldest plays Soccer and studies Engineering at the University of Chicago. 

Mentally (and for most of the summer), I spend every day at my home in Pemaquid, Maine, keeping track of the tides.

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