For those of us who are richly blessed, I believe we are to be a blessing to others.  So, I ask my clients to match 10% of my fee and give that away to improve lives in their community.  My clients can select their charity, giving both money and in-kind...some even give more than 10%!  Giving is what it's all about, it's not about us - someone helped each one of us get where we are, so let's help others!

Some of the organizations to which clients contributed their 10%* match. 

  • Maternal and Infant mortality and health in Mali
  • Breast Cancer research
  • Support for children with cancer
  • Nutrition for decreasing incidents of Anemia in India
  • Healthy delicious meals & support prepared by teenagers with mentors for families with a parent receiving chemotherapy
  • Domestic Abuse Centers & Programs
  • Child and Nursery Abuse Centers and Protection
  • Sexual Abuse Centers & Programs
  • Protective Youth Services
  • Support for first generation college students
  • Teaching STEM to inner-city under-served middle & high school students
  • Transitional housing, food & life skills for men & women & families
  • Local Junior Achievement programs
  • Legal Aid
  • Aid and Support for Senior Citizens
  • Various Faith-based organizations
  • Scholarships for tuition K-12 & College
  • Education programs for K-6 history and enrichment
  • Behavioral health and wellness programs for families and children
  • Regional Alzheimer's Associations
  • St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

*Many clients match more than 10%, even up to 60%!

2016 > $35,000 plus In-Kind donations