Planning ISN't ROCKET Science




Planning isn't rocket science.  It's really pretty simple... but simple doesn't always mean easy.

Here's how I think about planning in one sentence:

Planning is about your people, your presence and your processes; it’s how you enact your purpose.

Now, here's how I think about planning in a few more sentences.


The currency of this day and age is connections and relationships - people.  

Everything starts and ends with people: your strategy, your innovation; you name it, people are driving it. In short, people are your most valuable asset. 

Name a company that doesn’t say that. Now name a company that really does it. Harder, right?  

How you develop, connect, and empower your people is the best indicator for how sustainable and profitable your outcomes will be.

Therefore, strategy must start with creating and fostering a culture that people want to be a part of. Specifically, a culture where you are providing people with support, training, recognition, opportunities for meaningful work, the freedom to fail, learn and try again and chances to develop connections outside the business and industry.


It's essential to understand what your presence is in the current market:  

  • Are you meeting real needs? 
  • What are the market, geographic, customer trends?
  • Are your markets and customers the right ones for the future?
  • Could you even create a new market?

Today, we each have unlimited opportunities to create valuable, profitable products and services for existing markets and new ones. Let’s go out and find them. Or even make them! 


Last century focused on efficient processes. But it left out another adjective – effective.  Processes that are effective and efficient free up your people's time to work on more meaningful solutions at lower costs.  Spend a little time with me and you'll see that increasing customer value while decreasing cost is not an oxymoron!  In fact, I believe that lean is the best friend of innovation.

Don't just plan, Do!

All this planning and innovation stuff is a waste of time if you don’t execute.  So, give me a call. I’d love to talk more with you.