What's on My Mind These Days?


Well, there's a lot on my mind! In particular, here are 3 things I tend to speak on the most:

It's the Network! 

A high-energy talk with compelling stories and concrete tools for broadening, deepening and diversifying your network to help your organization and people grow.

Among the things you'll learn are how to meaningfully and purposefully network (it's not about you!), meet people outside your usual circle from different industries and sectors with different experiences, ideas and perspectives to help you be more innovative, connect people who wouldn't otherwise meet and stay valuable and relevant. An example is here.

How to Stay Valuable & Relevant.

A perspective-expanding presentation on how to understand customers' needs, lead more effectively and work with a wide array of demographic groups.  

For the individual, I discuss this in the It's The Network and Life by Design talks.  For the organization, this is really very simple, but not easy. You'll learn how to challenge assumptions, understand customers' needs from their perspective, constraints and context (not yours or what you want them to be), create value propositions that mean something, design and experiment with business models for growth and make experimenting, learning, applying and iterating a habit. An example is here

Life by Design.

A provocative talk about how to create a meaningful life and career in the 21st Century of constant unpredictable change and disruption.

You'll learn how to align who you are and what you believe with what you want, and don't want, to do, how to create and attract serendipity, how to ask great questions and make decisions for the next few years instead of the next few decades, be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try 'stuff' and understand that little in life is irrevocable. An example is here.

What People are Saying...

It's impossible to pick a single basis to recommend Deb. Colleague, co-worker, partner all apply but don't do the basis for my recommendation justice. Perhaps friend, advisor and mentor are better descriptors. Deb is an amazing person and one of the most competent strategic advisors I know. She is compassionate, smart, funny and helpful all in one. Believe me when I tell you, you want Deb on your team. You will be a better more competent person for it.  Saul Kaplan, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory

Deb Mills-Scofield is one of the most genuine and authentic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her voice is honest and unvarnished, and her advice is based in years of trail-blazing expertise as an inventor and innovator. If the business world had more like her, we would all be better off. Sarah Green, Sr. Associate Editor, Harvard Business Review, Host of HBR IdeaCast

Deb is a storyteller. She is a connector of ideas and with audiences. Her method of pulling you into her message is natural, fluid and altogether engaging. A speaker should be relatable and Deb is assuredly that. I enjoy listening to Deb and am motivated by what she has to say. Shawn Murphy, Managing Director of Organizational Development at KAI Partners & Co-Founder of Switch and Shift.

Deb was a perfect storyteller for UnleashWD - the only innovation summit for distributors. Her insight into the innovation process is priceless due to her unique ability to share compelling stories from her professional and personal lives and then to show how you can apply these lessons to your business. A unique ability that I believe stems from Deb’s core value of wanting to help others grow and succeed.  Dirk Beveridge, Founder, UnleashWD

Audience-centered and engaging, Deb is a thought provoking speaker who delivers strong content and personally relevant illustrations of concepts. No audience to eclectic for this speaker who takes life head on with spirit, humanity and drive. Karen Sibley, Ph.D, Dean of Continuing Education at Brown University

Deb approaches her talks with the same grace and enthusiasm that she approaches conversations:  she makes sure that it's about the people she's with, not herself.  This selflessness is a reflection of her character and an example of how delivering a powerful message requires truly connecting with an audience -- something Deb does incredibly well.  Nabeel Gillani, Founder/CEO, Coursolve Inc.

She speaks with warmth and genuineness to a room full of strangers as if they were long-time friends. There are no airs, no bogus words - she says things how they are. And, she truly cares that we understand. She speaks, not to hear her own voice, but to share insights so we learn. Her sincerity of purpose and kindness makes her a remarkable speaker and mentor. Elizabeth Weber, Intern to President Paxson, Brown University ('14)

I met Deb nearly three years ago at the IE Brown Executive MBA commencement and was immediately drawn to her positive energy. The next day, I had the pleasure of hearing Deb speak about networking to a room full of Brown women in their senior year. I was especially impressed by how she replaced my misconception that networking was manipulative with the belief that it can be a mutually beneficial learning experience for both the “networker” and “networkee”. Deb’s advice continues to serve me well to this day and has helped me to develop multiple enjoyable relationships within and even out of my Brown network that I never expected (especially with people that I have nothing in common). This past Fall (2013), I had the pleasure of listening to Deb speak at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF-9) about networking in an “I/Thou” world. I have to admit that at this point, she was preaching to the choir because her messages on networking are now deeply engrained in my system, so much so that co-workers at J.P. Morgan have often said that I’m such a networker (with positive connotations). Deb’s speaking capabilities and ability to inspire and develop her audience are indeed extraordinary- the fact that I still remember what her first speech was about nearly two years later is a testament to her impressiveness as a speaker!  Gladys Ndagire, Private Banking at J.P. Morgan