Strategy is a Verb! ~ Living, Evolving, Adapting

Strategy is getting a bad rap these days and I get why.  We can get stuck on a crusty old idea that strategy is a static, unchanging thing that we put on paper, put in process and put behind us.

But that thinking is going to get us plenty of nowhere (fast).  Here's how I think about strategy:

  • It's a dynamic, evolving, living, fun process;
  • It's grounded in a company's purpose/mission and core values.

So how do we do this? Let's walk through my approach:

  • Set initial goals;
  • Look at your customers' (and your customers' customers') worlds from the outside-in;
  • Look at what's happening in the world;
  • See how well things are working in your company;
  • Refine and prioritize goals;
  • Develop an immediately-actionable roadmap to achieving your goals with built-in accountability measures and ....
  • Experiment -> Learn -> Apply -> Iterate faster than anyone else.

This means asking some tough, important (maybe seemingly 'dumb') questions, like: 

  • Why do we do things the way we do?
  • Do the assumptions that got us here still hold true?
  • Are our current customers and markets the same ones for tomorrow?
  • Do we know what jobs our customers need to do and how well they're doing at them?
  • Are our employees engaged and excited to be here and solve customers' problems?
  • Do we give our employees the freedom to innovate?
  • Do we reward or punish risk taking?
  • Does our business model make sense anymore?
  • Are we accomplishing the purpose and mission of this company each and everyday?
  • Do we really live out our values or just put them on mouse pads and magnets?

Feel overwhelmed? You don't have to be; this is what I love doing! Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can jumpstart the process of working on this together.