Environmental Design Group

Our leadership team of six has been through numerous strategic planning efforts in our careers - we all agree, the results of Deb’s process are unparalleled.  We completed our first strategic plan in the fall of 2014 and just concluded our third annual strategic plan update with Deb in October 2016. We believe the results we have achieved are greater than all of the plans combined that we participated in previously.  Plus 20% growth the last three years, phenomenal cultural explosion, tremendous associate engagement, the organization reaching new heights every step of the journey.  

 Deb's process is concise, engaging and is structured in such a way that provides a path to results.  The results are not a plan that sits on the shelf, but one that drives action immediately and throughout the year.  Very little text - her process is about deep strategic thought, action, measurement and completion of each initiative developed.  I would absolutely recommend Deb as a great addition and difference maker to your team as you strive for excellence and lead your organization to new heights. 

Dwayne Groll, President

Neighborhood Centers

The only organizations with a future are those than can evolve. Organizations can function like stem cells - to become what the world needs. If that's your aspiration, if you have the guts for that journey: hire Deb. She gets it. She can help your organization evolve. She has intuition and insight - the ability to recognize an organization in transition. To step in with respect and nurture what is strong - while you give birth to what's next. We trust her intellect, her heart, and her experience. She will be with us for the long journey. 

Angela Blanchard, CEO Neighborhood Centers

Bettcher Industries

The business maxim ‘only fix what’s broken’ easily leads to mediocrity, if not demise.  Our strategic planning process, religiously followed for the last 27 years, served us well but it did not serve who we wanted to be.  Deb’s guidance and process engaged the leadership team and encouraged strategic thinking throughout the company. Her process, while built on familiar planning fundamentals, challenged us to work as a team both to create the plan, but more importantly, to execute it, keeping us focused on the few critical things that will drive our future.

Don Esch, CEO Bettcher Industries


Deb was a perfect storyteller for UnleashWD - the only innovation summit for distributors. Her insight into the innovation process is priceless due to her unique ability to share compelling stories from her professional and personal lives and then to show how you can apply these lessons to your business. A unique ability that I believe stems from Deb’s core value of wanting to help others grow and succeed.  

Dirk Beveridge, Founder, UnleashWD

Coursolve Inc.

Deb approaches her talks with the same grace and enthusiasm that she approaches conversations:  she makes sure that it's about the people she's with, not herself.  This selflessness is a reflection of her character and an example of how delivering a powerful message requires truly connecting with an audience -- something Deb does incredibly well.  

Nabeel Gillani, Founder/CEO, Coursolve Inc.

Harvard Business Review

Deb Mills-Scofield is one of the most genuine and authentic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her voice is honest and unvarnished, and her advice is based in years of trail-blazing expertise as an inventor and innovator. If the business world had more like her, we would all be better off. 

Sarah Green, Sr. Associate Editor, Harvard Business Review, Host of HBR IdeaCast

Business Innovation Factory

It's impossible to pick a single basis to recommend Deb. Colleague, co-worker, partner all apply but don't do the basis for my recommendation justice. Perhaps friend, advisor and mentor are better descriptors. Deb is an amazing person and one of the most competent strategic advisors I know. She is compassionate, smart, funny and helpful all in one. Believe me when I tell you, you want Deb on your team. You will be a better more competent person for it.  

Saul Kaplan, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory

Brown University - School of Engineering

Deb has been an outstanding and active member of the Brown School ofEngineering Advisory Board, providing invaluable ideas and feedback as we work to develop the School during a period of significant expansion.  She has a very particular understanding of how to expand thinking about engineering education, and lends her talents and expertise to identifying how, specifically, we can build upon our strengths to (as she says) "do both" traditional science alongside cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurial activities.  Her support and encouragement in fostering industrial connections/interactions, internships for students, and planning for our rapidly developing design/maker-space make her an extremely valuable asset to the School

In addition to this help and insight, Deb's work mentoring undergraduates is quickly becoming legendary here at Brown.  Deb has created contacts across the student body lending advice and insight to students who benefit tremendously from an alum spending time to talk with them and understand their perspectives.  Deb has become a pivotal piece of interactions here at Brown, exemplifying the "Brown ideal" of bringing people and ideas together in ways that are creative and productive.

Larry Larson, Dean of the School of Engineering at Brown University