Meddle Inc.

Deb is a must-hire speaker, as you'll quickly gather from watching a video of her in action - I highly recommend her BIF9 talk for that. She has an incredibly human, empathetic style that draws the audience in from her first sentence. (Establishing that rapport is a skill that stymies most speakers, I've observed over my career).

But that's just the beginning. Any compelling talk has three components.
1. The speaker must establish that rapport.
2. The content of the talk must be very relevant to the audience, which means the speaker has to be not only knowledgeable, but that knowledge has to matter! Again, this is rare - often we're entertained, but not given new and actionable (key word) insights. And also essential...
3. The speaker has to leave the audience with a clear way to take action, and also a compelling reason to take action: what we at Switch and Shift call "actionable inspiration."

Deb delivers on all three of these essential criteria seemingly without effort. The way I judge any presentation, be it in a small meeting, viewing online, or especially when I'm in the audience live, is, "Was this worth me interrupting my busy life to attend this event?" I think every member of any audience has the same thought, spoken or unspoken, going through their heads. And this is where Deb nails it cold!

Deb is brilliant - there's no denying that. But she is not intimidating or dry and academic: she's moving, her talk is compelling, and it's absolutely fascinating! Every business today needs a better handle on innovation, on building a workplace that engages employees and even customers to care, with passion, about making the company better. That is where Deb Scofield will deliver, every time.

Ted Coiné, Chief Marketing Office