Environmental Design Group

Our leadership team of six has been through numerous strategic planning efforts in our careers - we all agree, the results of Deb’s process are unparalleled.  We completed our first strategic plan in the fall of 2014 and just concluded our third annual strategic plan update with Deb in October 2016. We believe the results we have achieved are greater than all of the plans combined that we participated in previously.  Plus 20% growth the last three years, phenomenal cultural explosion, tremendous associate engagement, the organization reaching new heights every step of the journey.  

 Deb's process is concise, engaging and is structured in such a way that provides a path to results.  The results are not a plan that sits on the shelf, but one that drives action immediately and throughout the year.  Very little text - her process is about deep strategic thought, action, measurement and completion of each initiative developed.  I would absolutely recommend Deb as a great addition and difference maker to your team as you strive for excellence and lead your organization to new heights. 

Dwayne Groll, President