Meddle Inc.

Deb is a must-hire speaker, as you'll quickly gather from watching a video of her in action - I highly recommend her BIF9 talk for that. She has an incredibly human, empathetic style that draws the audience in from her first sentence. (Establishing that rapport is a skill that stymies most speakers, I've observed over my career).

But that's just the beginning. Any compelling talk has three components.
1. The speaker must establish that rapport.
2. The content of the talk must be very relevant to the audience, which means the speaker has to be not only knowledgeable, but that knowledge has to matter! Again, this is rare - often we're entertained, but not given new and actionable (key word) insights. And also essential...
3. The speaker has to leave the audience with a clear way to take action, and also a compelling reason to take action: what we at Switch and Shift call "actionable inspiration."

Deb delivers on all three of these essential criteria seemingly without effort. The way I judge any presentation, be it in a small meeting, viewing online, or especially when I'm in the audience live, is, "Was this worth me interrupting my busy life to attend this event?" I think every member of any audience has the same thought, spoken or unspoken, going through their heads. And this is where Deb nails it cold!

Deb is brilliant - there's no denying that. But she is not intimidating or dry and academic: she's moving, her talk is compelling, and it's absolutely fascinating! Every business today needs a better handle on innovation, on building a workplace that engages employees and even customers to care, with passion, about making the company better. That is where Deb Scofield will deliver, every time.

Ted Coiné, Chief Marketing Office


Sooy Co.

Deb's expertise with strategic planning and her insights into business and innovation always result in transformation and growth. For my business and other projects that she has lead, the outcome has always been an action-oriented plan based on solid research and analysis. She is top-of-mind when we need high-level, market-oriented thinking.

Brian Sooy, Founder/CEO, Sooy Co.

USI Insurance Services

Deb Mills-Scofield is a consummate strategic planner.  Her experience is substantial. She knows the elements of strategic planning, an effective progression for tackling them, and how to synthesize them into a coordinated, seamless, workable plan. With Deb's support, we improved our value proposition and created a strong plan that was of interest to a strategic buyer and fetched us a good price for the business.

She is not a miracle worker. Companies that are lazy and/or inept will do better to shut their doors and not bother. She is a coach. Those who wish to take their enterprise to a higher level, who are committed to each other and the process, will do well to engage Ms. Mills-Scofield.

Bill Ryan, President, USI Insurance Services


"Time is money," "you get what you pay for," "penny-wise pound foolish" "can't see the Forest for the trees" - we use idioms too easily or quickly express analysis, thoughts or ideas. All too often, these miss the point of the matter. Deborah Mills-Scofield doesn't use idioms or the quick turn of phase to express her thoughts nor does she miss the point of the matter, the future of your business.  Her analysis is honest, well thought out, based upon empirical evidence, expressed in understandable language and supported with reasoned logic. 

Michael Knoblauch, President & CEO, DVUV

Price for Profit

The robust process and expertise of Deb works for all types, sizes, and complexity of businesses. We wouldn’t have had so much clarity without the formalized process and expertise of Deb facilitating. A major unexpected outcome was the team building that took place during the exercises.  This may be the most powerful outcome above and beyond the alignment around strategies and tactics. The teamwork aspect was excellent!

Ryan White, CEO & Founder, Price for Profit

The Carmon Group

I originally hired Deb to provide innovation and business development services for The Carmon Group. The quality of work and level of expertise has earned Deb the position of my #1 business advisor. Deb understands business from start-up to Fortune 100 accross many industry sectors and effectively adapts her expertise to fit the needs of that business. She is a joy to work with but delivers the results I need. Anyone who is looking to grow and improve their business should strongly consider Deb to assist them. I continue to refer Deb to my closest clients without reservation.

Chris Carmon, President, The Carmon Group

Heartland Consumer Products

Deb is a wonderful strategic thinker with a talent that's only exceeded by her character. The high degree of trust that Deb quickly develops with her colleagues and clients is a wonderful foundation for brainstorming and troubleshooting. Deb's wide worldview allows her to always bring delightful insights to any business context.

Tom Donelan, President and CEO, Heartland Consumer Products, LLC

Westfield Group

Deborah is one of the most valuable people in my network. I am amazed at the breadth and depth of her knowledge and the people she knows. She embodies the spirit of innovation by immersing herself in new ideas and perspectives, reading widely and fostering connections among a diverse group of people. I have grown tremendously during in the three years I have known Deborah, simply by being open to the different perspectives she shares, following discussion forums she initiates and taking advantage of opportunities to meet other people in her network.

Diane Weidrick, Commercial Services Leader - Westfield Group