Brown University - School of Engineering

Deb has been an outstanding and active member of the Brown School ofEngineering Advisory Board, providing invaluable ideas and feedback as we work to develop the School during a period of significant expansion.  She has a very particular understanding of how to expand thinking about engineering education, and lends her talents and expertise to identifying how, specifically, we can build upon our strengths to (as she says) "do both" traditional science alongside cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurial activities.  Her support and encouragement in fostering industrial connections/interactions, internships for students, and planning for our rapidly developing design/maker-space make her an extremely valuable asset to the School

In addition to this help and insight, Deb's work mentoring undergraduates is quickly becoming legendary here at Brown.  Deb has created contacts across the student body lending advice and insight to students who benefit tremendously from an alum spending time to talk with them and understand their perspectives.  Deb has become a pivotal piece of interactions here at Brown, exemplifying the "Brown ideal" of bringing people and ideas together in ways that are creative and productive.

Larry Larson, Dean of the School of Engineering at Brown University