Yesterday I was really irritated.  Upon my recommendation, an entrepreneur I’m mentoring reached out to two people who already knew him very well.  They responded based on their individual silos; they didn’t stop and think about who else they could connect him to!  I was so peeved! They know this kid; they think he’s great and that he’s doing wonderful things.  So why didn’t they think of other ways to help him, to be of service? 

Ugh! So this morning I read the daily blog post by Dan Rockwell (aka LeadershipFreak), “The Only Reason You are Here” and decide I want to mail it out to everyone.  Please read it.  There are so many ways you can make a difference for your employees, family, friends if you just stop to think and they don't have to be grand, sometimes the little things have a huge impact:

  • What else could I do?
  • Who in my network could help them?
  • What experience can I give them?
  • How could I make their job easier?
  • How could I make our ‘stuff’ easier to use?

So this week, for just 1 person at a minimum, stop and think! And please share your experiences.  Have a great week!