Why Mentoring Matters

I'm posting these comments for you to see how fabulous our Gen-Y'ers are (not to be boastful or bragging, I'm just honored to be able to meet these kids). Their ability to listen, distill, discern, learn, apply and share are way beyond what ours were at their age, let alone 10, 20, 30 years older. We need to listen, distill, discern, learn, apply and share their wisdom with the rest of the world.  As my friend Carmen Medina has said, "Optimism is the greatest act of rebellion." Please, get to know Gen-Y kids, share with them, encourage them - the joy you will receive is overwhelming.  They are our future!


From: Sabrina Yu (Jing-Wen)
Thank you once again for meeting us last Monday!
Date: 23September, 2012 2:19:28 PM EDT
To: Deborah Mills-Scofield <deborah_mills-scofield@brown.edu>

Hello Deb,

The EP [Entrepreneur Program] leaders would like to thank you again for speaking to us at Ben and Jerry's. We also have something to say to you.

Sabrina: ""Dear Deb, I am always inspired when I talk to you or read your blog posts. Thank you for encouraging us and providing great insights!"

Elizabeth: "Deb - you are wonderful and we are so grateful to have your time - thanks for inspiring us and encouraging us to think about important things. You are a tremendous role model, thanks again!"

Ashley: "To be entrepreneurial is to be creative--thank you for reinforcing that Deb!"

Max: "Thank you so much for coming by and chatting with us. I loved the emphasis you placed on "doing" and "creating," and hope to create an outlet on campus for students to experiment with easy prototypes from the MAKE Magazine collection. Brown is a place of opportunity for the initiated, and after listening to you, I am very energized to spread the spark. Warm regards,"

Alex: "Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. Your observation that a business serves as a vehicle for learning resonated with me. A personal goal is to give as many students as possible the opportunity catch, and learn from, the entrepreneurship bug. Brown students love to create change, entrepreneurship is the perfect platform. Regards,"

Joseph: "Dear Deb, Thank you for giving EP members an opportunity to hear you speak. I personally enjoyed listening to you talk about the time-tested wisdoms and values of entrepreneurship. I am trying to start a business and your words were invaluable. I hope to see you again in the future. Best regards,"

Sabrina Yu 
Brown University, Class of 2015