Why the 40's & 50's ROCK!!!!

Wow - just wow! Check out this amazing group of women doing amazing things! I'm honored, proud and very humbled to be part of this powerful group of 40 Women over 40, organized for the 5th year in a row by Christina Vuleta and Whitney Johnson.   

I've blessed with great parents, education, and careers - and to whom much is given, much is joyously required.  So let's lay it out there - the 40's and 50's just totally rock!!!!!! Age is a state of mind and attitude.  We stay mentally young, relevant and valuable by learning from others - like these women!  As my ingenious friends Jess Esch and Anita Verna Croft say, "#HSBARS!!!!!!!!*"

*HSBARS: hot sh*t bad as& rock stars


Want to Stay Relevant? Mentor!

The transformative stories from the BIF 2017 Summit are up!!  They are all incredible so if asked to choose a few favorites I'd be challenged.  Yup, mine is up too - how by mentoring I'm able to continually learn new things I can use with my clients and stay on my toes by having to think fast, challenge status quo and stay agile.  Here it is!

But there are so so many more you need to see! Like Angela Blanchard's about Hurricane Harvey & the 65 Million (yes! MILLION!) displaced people in our world, Mark Brand on counterintuitive and effective ways to alleviate hunger and poverty, Whitney Johnson's S-Curves in each of us, Alex Osterwalder's honest story of life, family & entrepreneurship, Carl Störmer's journey bringing his mother's art to all of us, and Alan Webber's timely exhortation to us to our citizenship seriously.  And many many more.  Please take the time to watch the videos - they will change how you think, act, and interact... they will transform!

When Shoveling Sh&t is Easier

tractor shoveling roe.jpeg

Sometimes, shoveling sh&t is easier than shoveling caviar. It's the path of least resistance.  It makes sense. No one argues with you.  It's usually the right thing to do. Who in their right mind would keep the sh&t and shovel the caviar? 

But.... what if the best thing for your business, your organization, is to shovel the caviar, not the sh&t? That's crazy!!! You've spent years investing in that rare and unique caviar.  It's a valuable niche! Sure, it's harder to get it due to increasing geo-political entanglements, environmental and regulatory constraints and access to product, but it still has a strong profit margin and, you believe, defines your brand.  But, whether you admit it or not, the business model has run its course.

Sometimes, you have to shovel the caviar and keep the sh&t.  It's been a great ride; be grateful.  The costs are sunk - yup, down at the bottom along with the sturgeons, not coming to the top anymore. Time to move on.  Time to get out of the office, into the world, see what people need and want, and create something new.  It's time to shovel the caviar and keep the sh&t.