Mentoring is Key to My Business Model

Brown University Mentees at BIF2016

Brown University Mentees at BIF2016

One of the most wonderful weeks of the year starts Sunday, September 10th.  It begins with office hours and a couple independent studies I'm advising - one of which is all about haptic feedback (sense of touch) technology and applications for AR/VR.  

Next is BIF2017!!!!!!! The best gathering of the year for innovators, status-quo-phobes, and Blue Lobsters (stay tuned!!!).  I'm excited (and a bit nervous) about sharing my story!!!  Here's a sneak preview: FOR DEB MILLS-SCOFIELD, MENTORING IS A RESPONSIBILITY AND A JOY.

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The week is capped off with the B-Lab Pitch Night, featuring one of my unabashedly favorite startups, ProjectLETs and then the drive back to Oberlin - after my 'sabbatical' in Maine, #TheWayLifeShouldBe and Providence!  

In the midst of all this joy and fun, please keep those in Houston and Florida in your prayers - there are months and years of recovery and healing ahead for so many, including friends and family.  If you are willing to share a bit of your blessings, consider giving to BakerRipley - they know what to do, when to do it, and how to it - for the long-term.