Why the Blue Lobster?

A Blue Lobster is a rare person who thinks, approaches life and views everything non-traditionally. They are a polymath, competent in both sciences and the arts. They makes change happen and positively impacts others --- I help companies find and nurture the Blue Lobsters in their organization and help individuals find the Blue Lobster in themselves.

 Where did this blue-brained analogy come from? I spend my summers working from Pemaquid Harbor on Maine's craggy coast.  Years ago, a college friend interned at the University of Maine's Darling Marine Center, where they study blue lobsters. Blue lobsters are about one in two million.  When the Center finished their research, they dumped the adolescent blue lobsters into Pemaquid Harbor!  Therefore, we tend to have more than one in two million blue lobsters. 

To me, a blue lobster is a person who tends to view the world and organize it differently, who rejects the status quo, who love to try stuff, learn, fail and try again and who interesting because they are interested, and who have impact on their world.

Part of how I help companies sustainably grow is by helping them find the Blue Lobsters in their organization and become an organization that attracts Blue Lobsters.  For individuals, I help them find their inner Blue Lobster.  And for everyone, I help them find habitats that are conducive to finding high concentrations of Blue Lobsters!

Each Blue Lobster is unique - the coloring is different from one to another and each is gorgeous.  Let me help you find Blue Lobsters! Once you know what to look for, you’ll see them in the most unusual and wonderful places.

Finding Blue Lobsters

In the summer of 2017 I had the pleasure of discovering a LIVE blue lobster at my local grocery store.


After getting some photos, of course we brought it to the dock and threw it right back in the ocean!



Jessica Esch

The Blue Lobster Illustrator!

Jessica Esch uses art, craft and good humor to spread ideas and build community. She is one of 15 sketchnoters featured in The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde. Her work has also appeared in ARCADE and Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Ed. Magazine. Her book Online Affects Offline: Learnings From the Field details how online engagement can build and strengthen relationships online and offline. She lives in Portland, Maine and online at as well as @jesch30 on most social media platforms.  

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