Strategic Planning

See What’s Possible and the Best Ways to Get There

Using a disciplined, repeatable process, clients see where they are (internally and externally), unearth assumptions and see from their customers’ perspective to set a clear vision for the future. We establish goals for the next 3-5 years and create a business model for sustainable growth with execution and testing baked in to ensure movement towards that vision.

Innovation Implementation

Build a collaborative space to explore new ideas.

I help clients unleash the creativity in their organizations to improve innovation velocity. We build an understanding of their current strengths and obstacles to innovation, then apply a straightforward process for identifying and prioritizing new opportunities.


Create a Plan for Personal Development.

For those looking to do something new, we assess interests, skills, talents, personal and professional priorities and create a plan for exploration and expansion of their comfort zones.

For people who want to grow in their existing career, we identify areas key areas for development and create a plan to do just that.

For everyone, I’m a tough cookie and will hold you accountable to ensure true growth.



There are three areas I love to talk about.

Innovation Through New Perspectives (Or, How to Find Blue Lobsters)

A high-energy talk to help your organization broaden its network to be more innovative. Learn concrete tools for expanding your view by deepening and diversifying your network with others from new sectors with different perspectives. An example is here.

How To Stay Valuable & Relevant

A perspective-expanding presentation on how to perpetually provide what people need in a sustainable fashion. We will go over methods for understanding diverse customers' diverse perspectives. With this customer-first view we create value propositions that provide meaning, with purpose and profit. Examples are here and here.

Life by Design (Or, How to Develop Your Blue Lobsterness).

A provocative talk about how to create a meaningful life and career in a time of constant unpredictable change and disruption. You'll learn how to align who you are and what you believe with what you do and don’t want, to make decisions for the next few years instead of the next few decades. You’ll come away ready to grow your comfort zone, try 'stuff' and remember that little in life is irrevocable. An example is here.

What's Right for You?

Organizations looking to grow need someone with experience delivering who can also provide them with tools to sustainably implement plans. My personal and collaborative approach will not only act, but will also leave with the tools to adapt and sustain growth.

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